Benefits of Cold Water Swimming and Why It's So Popular

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Cold water swimming is an activity that leans itself to Cape Town’s chilly Atlantic ocean. The activity is recommended by healthcare professionals from all over the world and has an array of benefits that make the activity so popular. With cold-water therapy dating back to Ancient Greek times, why not try it out yourself?

1. Improves metabolism

Studies show that cold-water therapy can improve your metabolism, the process that turns what you are eating into energy. The activity also helps you burn more calories than swimming in warmer environments, due to the body having to work harder to keep itself warm.

2. Boosts immune system

Although not conclusively proven, there is ever-growing research suggesting that those who regularly go cold water swimming have a higher resistance to certain illnesses and infections. A few studies suggest this is due to the cold water forcing the immune system to create more white blood cells and antioxidants.

3. A natural high

The cold plunge activates endorphins, the hormones in our brains that make us feel good during activities. They trigger pain relief and instantly boost our moods. This improves our general wellbeing, both short term and long term, as studies have shown.

4. Positive effects on mental health

The activity has the regular positive effects on mental health that all exercise brings. Along with the endorphin rush you get from cold water swimming, it has also been suggested that the activity helps to reduce stress in day-to-day life. This is due to the body reducing the severity of the initial stress reaction. Cold water swimming can also improve your self-esteem.

5. Social aspect

Cold water swimming is a great way to build a sense of community with those you go swimming with, whether that be complete strangers or lifelong friends. By facing and sharing in this challenge, one strengthens the bonds with those around you. This, in itself, can lead to improved mental health.

Next time you are staying with us at Dolphin Beach, don’t forget to pack your swimming costume and a warm towel for a cool dip in the sea. We have direct access to the beach, meaning you can go for a swim and be under a warm shower afterwards within a few minutes.

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