Why Self-Catering Holidays Are So Popular

Self-catering your holiday has many benefits and advantages. At Dolphin Beach, we offer self-catered holiday accommodation that is perfect for those who would still prefer some luxuries of staying at a hotel.

The Benefit of Choice

Self-catering offers you the benefit of choosing your own time schedule and mealtimes. This is an excellent way to travel cheaper, as this allows the option of cooking for yourself. It’s particularly popular when it comes to families, as adults and kids may eat at different times. Same goes for groups of friends who are craving different foods and those who prefer to eat at odd times. Dolphin Beach is special in its catering options, as breakfast is provided in the conservatory, but if you’d prefer you can make your own breakfast in our apartments’ kitchenettes. We also have Blowfish Restaurant on the premises that provides in-restaurant dining, or room service. The choice is yours!

Fit to Budget

Self-catering accommodations come in a variety of options, allowing you to pick a location that fits your budget. If you are travelling with a tight wallet, self-catering is the way to go! Dolphin Beach offers brilliant apartments with all necessities provided.

Adaptable to Group Size

Self-catering is often the cheaper option for groups when compared with hotels. If the group is large enough, you might even be eligible for a discount! We are perfect for families with our outside play areas, or sports groups, with Blouberg, a popular destination for kite surfing, wind surfing, and surfing, right on our doorstep. Or perhaps a friends’ getaway weekend, with Blouberg nightlife nearby or Cape Town only a short drive away.

More Space, More Privacy

This leads on to the next point – space! Self-catering allows for space that hotels do not provide. There is no need to share communal spaces, like dining areas, lounges, and bathrooms. Everything is provided within your accommodation and your space is wholeheartedly yours. This allows for your party to spend time together in communal spaces, while still leaving private spaces for when you need some alone-time. Head to our peaceful gardens with a book, take a dip in the pool, or go for a long walk on the beach.

Experience Life as a Local

Self-catering is a great option if you want to experience your destination like a local. Shop, dine, explore, and relax like a resident! Dolphin Beach is located near many Blouberg restaurants, stores, and nightlife spots, with public transport stops nearby.

If you prefer freedom and independence when on holiday, self-catering is for you. Home comforts are provided, along with privacy, space, and choice. You can experience life as a local, while saving money. Dolphin Beach offers all these benefits and more! Please contact us with any queries and we will be happy to answer! We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful home.

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