Table View Dune Rehabilitation

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Everything you have to know about the Table View Dune Rehabilitation

If you have been to Dolphin Beach recently, you may have noticed that the famous dunes outside our hotel are looking a little different. In 2022, the rehabilitation of the dunes began on the southern side of the beachfront where we are located. We’re here to tell you why this was necessary and what changes you can look forward to over the next few years, as well as show you the before and after to see what difference the rehabilitation has made.

The City of Cape Town made the decision to rehabilitate and revamp one of Cape Town’s most beloved stretches of coastline. Table View is known for its stunning view of Table Mountain, as well as its buzzing beachfront, kitesurfing, and lovely stretches of golden sand. Over the last 15 years, however, the impact of the local environment has caused the public amenities and coastal infrastructure to fall into disrepair. The dunes have also lost their ability to protect the surrounding infrastructure from windblown sand and other facilities, like parking, are in need of repairs and replacement. The City has recently completed the same rehabilitation process in Hout Bay.

Thus, the dune rehabilitation project began! In July 2022, the project began outside of Dolphin Beach Hotel and has had immediate positive effects, as well as benefits for locals and visitors alike. First, the sand was moved to reinstate the dunes and then wind nets were used to stabilise the dunes. This part of the project will take 18 to 20 months to complete and focuses on all the dunes from us to Bokkombaai.

So, besides the new dunes, what else is there to look forward to? After the rehabilitation is complete, the beachfront’s current ablution blocks and derelict infrastructure will be destroyed. This will be replaced with brand new ablution facilities and the parking will also be improved upon. Lastly, a stunning new walkway will be installed along the coast – perfect for a relaxing walk or a run along the ocean.

This project protects ecosystems and the ecological infrastructure, as well as reduces the adverse effects on the infrastructure along the coastline. We are very excited that our beloved beachfront is getting a facelift and we can’t wait to see the final results! Until then, please enjoy the beach. It is still as pleasurable and enjoyable as before; just steer clear of the areas where work is being done for your own safety. Luckily, Dolphin Beach’s work has been completed, meaning you can use the beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery as normal.

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