Dolphin Beach Hotel – A Kite Surfers Paradise

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Dolphin Beach Hotel in Blouberg is only a thirty-minute drive from the Cape Town International Airport and is among the world’s favourite kitesurfing locations during the windy season. Professionals from various parts of the world visit Cape town to train for local kitesurfing events.
This destination can become incredibly busy on windy days, with 150 kiters on the beach at any given time. They generally arrive in the late afternoon after work. But why is Dolphin Beach considered as the mecca for kitesurfers?

Dolphin Beach – A Kite Surfers Paradise
Plenty of beach

Dolphin Beach offers plenty of space for kiters, therefore you need not worry about getting your lines tangled or crossed with others. There are various beaches to visit along the 10-15km coastline that stretches from the South to the North, starting at Sunset Beach and continuing to Big Bay. Along the way, you will find plenty of respectable downwinder opportunities.

Reliable and strong winds

The beach is well known for its dependable and strong winds from December to February. The shoulder months of March and November are also excellent and some kite surfing enthusiasts prefer them over the seasonal months as there are fewer people on the water. The winds at Dolphin Beach blow about five days a week between twenty and forty knots, typically starting at around ten in the morning and slowly building throughout the day until around four in the afternoon when they reach their peak.

Virtuous for freestyling or wave riding

Dolphin Beach is the spot for freestyle or riding waves with a swell that varies from small to medium. This spot is a widespread area for kiters, but not so much for bodyboarders and surfers, since other spots are better, for instance, Big Bay. This means there is no risk of landing your kite on a surfer that is obscured by a large swell. There are kilometers of open ocean with waves as well as flat sections, rendering it an ideal place to begin your downwinder.

Dolphin Beach Hotel – The Ideal Kite Surfers attraction

There are a couple of reasons why kite surfers from around the world choose Dolphin Beach as their preferred kitesurfing location:

  • Large, residential-sized apartments for long term stays
  • Self-catering which means home from home
  • Favourable weather conditions
  • Direct beach access, you can walk from your cabana onto the beach
  • Extra storerooms to store your gear
  • Ideal for family vacations – bring the whole family
  • Long term accommodation option for international digital nomads
  • Blowfish Restaurant is on your step for apres-surf drinks
  • Beautiful gardens and swimming pool
  • The ideal location for kite surfer’s season


Dolphin Beach – A kite surfers’ paradise because of the promising winds and stretches of beach and ocean to kite to your heart’s content. If kitesurfing is not the only activity on your agenda, be sure to visit Cape Town and surrounding areas for the spectacular scenery, breathtaking vineyards, and unique coffee culture.

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