7 Clever Things You Should Have In Your Beach Bag (Especially When You Have Kids)

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Going to the beach shouldn’t have to be stressful, uncomfortable, or expensive. Here are our 7 clever hacks to make sure that your trip to the beach is relaxed and heaps of fun! All of the items required are common in most households and will make your life so much easier.

1. Store valuables in containers or diapers

Valuables like wallets, sunglasses, car keys, loose money, watches, and so on, can be stored in empty snack containers, coffee pots, or clean sunscreen bottles. If you still have children who wear nappies, you can wrap these valuables in a clean nappy and roll it up – no one will be stealing that! This not only keeps these items safe, but it keeps them clean and easily accessible. Empty containers can also be used to store rubbish in, and this can then be easily disposed of when you leave the beach or get home.

2. Snacks and drinks hacks

For your drinks, be sure to freeze them beforehand. They’ll defrost as the day goes on and frozen water bottles can cool you down when needed. Freezing drinks in pouches can be turned into slushies as they thaw (for the adults and parents: don’t be afraid to make it a boozy slushie!). As for snacks, freezing some fruit, like grapes, can also be a nice refresher as the day progresses. Some other easy and mess-free snacks are fruit sosaties or sticking ice cream sticks into big slices of watermelon or melon.

3. Sandless lounging

If you are not a fan of sand getting everywhere, why not create a sand-free lounging area? This can be done with a fitted sheet and 4 beach bags. Simply hook the elastic around the four bags and boom! Now you have an area without sand. This is especially useful if you have small children who you don’t want to get sandy.

4. Waterproof and sand-proof your electronics

Use a clear sandwich or Ziploc bag to keep your phone, e-reader, or smartwatch free of water and sand. Touch screens should still work or simply take these items out once your hands are dry and clean.

5. Cupcake holder drink lids

If you have spare cupcake holders lying about in your house, take them to the beach! Poke a hole through with a straw and turn them upside down over a glass. This way you can prevent any sand or bugs from sneaking into your drink. Or if you’re worried about ice cream getting everywhere, pierce the cupcake holder with the stick – now you’ve got something to catch the melting drops.

6. Use mesh bags for minimal sand

Beach toys, clothes, and other random items should be stored in mesh bags. This allows for the sand to fall through on your walk back to the car and leaves you with less to clean once getting home.

7. Baby powder

Baby powder is the ultimate hack for getting rid of sand. Once you get off the beach, just rub some baby powder over the sandy areas and you should be sand-free in no time!

We hope these tips are helpful and if you have any smart beach tips, we would love to know. Don’t forget to share and tag us in your beach day posts.

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