5 Reasons Why Cape Town is One of The Best Destinations for Remote Working

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Remote working has become the new reality for millions of people since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. For some, this has not been an easy transition, however for others, the process has opened new possibilities and better working conditions, particularly when you reside in Cape Town.

Cape town was recently listed as number 42 on Big 7 Travel’s list of the Best Cities for Remote Working. Other countries that were also featured on the list were Germany, Indonesia, Argentina, and more. Big 7 Travel is a well-known travel website and boasts an impressive community of 2.5 million. In this post, we will be revealing why the mother city is one of the best locations for remote working in South Africa.

1. Breathtaking landscapes and inviting atmosphere.

Cape Town has long been known as a substantially connected expat for digital travellers worldwide. The City and surrounds boast stunning scenery and is situated right on the water, and surrounded by majestic mountains, vibrant neighborhoods, and busy markets. The City of Cape Town has a unique and inviting ambiance which makes it a one-of-a-kind destination for living and working.

2. Contemporary Lifestyle and career possibilities

A large percentage of the overall pre-destination marketing initiative is focused on digital travellers to place Cape Town on the map as one of the prime spots for international professionals to work from remotely. The future of job opportunities has changed dramatically which puts Cape town in a prime spot to cater for the various needs of the worldwide workforce.
Cape Town’s Enterprise and Investment team have worked hard to amalgamate this position into its deliberate marketing approach which involves these six pillars: work, study, live, play, visit, and invest in Cape Town.

3. The Latest Digital Nomad Edge

Cape Town Tourism in partnership with the City has hosted the new Digital Nomad initiative that was introduced with the primary purpose of encouraging both intercontinental and domestic workers to consider Cape Town as their preferred remote working location. The municipality has also liaised with the national government to consider issuing a remote working visa which could be a substantial benefit for the tourism industry to create more job opportunities.
James Vos, the mother city’s mayoral committee member, mentions that such a visa could be incredibly helpful with attracting more intercontinental visitors to South Africa. He says that longer visits are needed to boost the local economy which has experienced a knock due to Covid-19 lockdown. His aim is to entice not only the local job market, but the international market when the time is right to do so.

4. Accommodation That is Covid-19 Friendly

One of the sought-after Covid-19 friendly accommodation locations is the Dolphin Beach Hotel and this comes as no surprise. With views of Table Mountain and the ocean, cabanas with their own private patios with access to the beach, and self-catering facilities, it is a perfect accommodation option for remote workers. The hotel is situated a mere 16-minute drive from Cape town International Airport and only 15 minutes from Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. The hotel has Covid-19 measures for protection of employees and visitors.

5. This location offers incredible value for money

The exchange rate makes Cape Town an attractive option when it comes to offering affordable luxury accommodation for international workers for up to three months, as allowed by the South African immigration guidelines. Longer stays can only have a positive influence on the economy.
With the stunning scenery, unique communities, COVID-19-friendly accommodation options, and inviting atmosphere, it is easy to see why Cape Town offers appeal to international and local workers that are looking for the ideal location for remote working.

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