5 reasons to take your beach vacation in winter

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Beach vacations are often thought to only be for summer, but we’re here to prove you wrong! Taking your beach holiday in the winter has many benefits and at Dolphin Beach Hotel we strive to make your stay as exciting and relaxing as if you were visiting us in the summer.

1. Same beach, less crowds

Cape Town summers are known for crowded beaches where you have to be on the sand at 09:00 to find a good spot. Winter beaches offer fewer people and crowds. This makes your beach vacation less stressful and more peaceful. You still get the same serotonin boost from being by the sea, with less pressure – no worrying about the perfect bikini bod or pressure from other beach goers.

2. Accommodation deals

Often, hotels will have great deals and discounts during the wintertime. This could save you a lot of money or gain great extras during your stay. Accommodation is usually also quieter, meaning that you are missing any rush periods or crowds. Be sure to keep an eye on our Specials page for our winter deals!

3. Not as cold as you might think

Despite it being winter, Cape Town does not get quite as cold as one might expect. There are quite a lot of days where the winter sun is shining and highs often reaching the upper tens in Celsius. This means that you can still do many activities on the beach – reading, sandcastle building, picnics, sunset watching. Get a wetsuit on and you can go surfing, paddleboarding, and swimming.

4. Easier to spot wildlife

With the long Blouberg beach strip in front of Dolphin Beach Hotel and the surrounding dunes, there are great opportunities to spot some local wildlife. The smaller crowds ensure that the wildlife is less disturbed and more likely to be spotted. Be sure to keep an eye out for schools of dolphins, and perhaps you might even spot a whale, seeing as whale season starts in June.

5. Peaceful exercising

For those who love their morning run along the ocean, taking a winter beach vacation is the perfect opportunity for peaceful and invigorating exercising. Long walks on the beach are also much quieter and more serene in the winter. As mentioned, some water activities can still be done, whether that be with a wetsuit or, for the brave hearted, with your regular beach kit.

If you need any more convincing, why not reach out to our team? They can assure you of the benefits of a winter beach vacation. We’ll make sure that you are comfortable and cozy on your next winter visit to Dolphin Beach.

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