Covid-19 Care


Singer Group Hotels

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Our commitment to care, well-being and hospitality comes from our family to yours and underpins the spirit of our brand.

Covid-Care Program

As part of our Covid-Care Program, we have implemented a series of safety and wellbeing standards across our hotels, with specific measures that vary according to the needs of specific hotels and that of our guests.

  • Enforcement of compliance, along with best practices, by Hotel Management

  • Health screenings for both guests, staff and suppliers

  • Flexible cancellation policies

  • Sanitiser stations prominently placed throughout hotels

  • Frequent and specialised deep cleaning of our public areas

  • Enhanced food safety and hygiene protocols, as well as meal solutions, to suit guests’ needs

  • Revised maximum capacity guidelines and reconfiguration of meeting room set-ups

  • Commitment to enhanced levels of cleanliness

  • Housekeeping and room service options to ensure guests’ comfort along with health and safety compliance

  • Deep-cleaning and sanitisation of rooms, and where possible, rooms to remain unoccupied for 24 hours

  • Removal of high-touch items from guestrooms

  • Strict laundry protocols including washing at very high temperatures

  • Increased frequency of cleaning and servicing of air units

  • Employee hygiene protocols that include travel to and from work, arrival on shift, end of shift and arrival at home

Our top priority is welcoming guests and colleagues back safely, with our renowned family hospitality.